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Little B is in the process of learning to identify colours, while older brother M is working on identifying high frequency words. I wanted to create a game where both of my bugs would have fun learning at their own level.

Valentine’s Day Colour Word Hunt


  • Coloured Paper
  • Sharpie/Marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Magic Wands (optional)

To play this game, I cut out some hearts from different coloured paper (red, pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow, green). Then I wrote the colour words clearly onto each heart with a Sharpie and taped them around the house. I gave the boys their wands and told them they had to run and find each coloured  heart I called out, and tap it with their wand once they found it. My bugs really love this game, mostly because it involves running!

Valentine Colour Words Game 2  Valentine Colour Words Game 3

Valentine Colour Words Game 4  Valentine Colour Words Game 5

Little B was able to practice labelling his colours, while M was encouraged to read the colour words from left to right (using his wand to show directional tracking).

Valentine Colour Words Game 6  Valentine Colour Words Game 7

Valentine Colour Words Game 8  Valentine Colour Words Game 9

Valentine’s Day Colour Word Dice Game


  • Dice
  • Sharpies in 6 Colours: Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue (paint would work too)
  • Colour Chart
  • Coloured Paint Dabbers, Crayons, or Markers in 6 Different Colours

Using the Sharpies, I coloured each side of a 6-sided die with a different colour. The boys took turns rolling the die and naming the colour it landed on. After a colour was rolled and identified, they chose the matching coloured paint dabber and found one of the corresponding colour words on the chart. Then they stamped the colour word with the paint dabber. They continued rolling, locating and stamping until the entire chart was filled up.

Valentine Colour Words Game 10  Valentine Colour Words Game 11

Valentine Colour Words Game 12  Valentine Colour Words Game 13

Valentine Colour Words Game 14  Valentine Colour Words Game 15

And that’s how I kept my bugs busy, labelling and identifying colours and colour words!

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