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Have you, or your kids, joined in on the Pokémon Go! craze?! If you are skeptical, I can tell you first hand how fun and interactive it is to play as a family. My kids are super excited to run errands with me, and to explore new places around our city. It’s a great way to get some exercise, while also reaping the benefits of being outside by soaking up vitamin D and enjoying the fresh air.

Last week, we were hit with some pretty persistent thunderstorms, so we were pretty much confined to being indoors. Being stuck inside with three active kids, ranging in ages 2-6, can get pretty hairy, so it’s always good to have some tricks up your sleeve! I figured since they were so into Pokémon right now, they would really enjoy creating their own Pokéballs; luckily I was right. Not only did they have a fun time creating them, but they’ve also incorporated them into their daily imaginative play as well.             DIY Pokeballs 17

These DIY Pokéballs are cheap and easy to make; they would be perfect for a Pokémon theme party, accessories for a Pokémon trainer Hallowe’en costume, or for every day pretend play.

Here’s how to make some Pokéballs of your own!

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