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I haven’t added a new post to my blog in literally months! Summer is such a busy time for everyone, and it always seems to just zoom by. My family and I do a LOT of camping in the summer. Between my siblings and I we have five boys (ages 7-1) and one sweet baby girl, which means it’s a good idea to have some activities planned when we’re all camping together. Some of the things the boys enjoy doing are painting rocks, playing with cars and trucks outside, exploring the paths, riding their bikes and simply just running around. This time I thought it might be fun to organize a little nature scavenger hunt that was challenging enough for the 7 year old, but not too difficult for the 3 year olds.

The boys had a great time racing up and down the paths of our campsite looking for the nature items listed on the bag. Click the link, for a printable copy of the nature scavenger hunt we used.

Once they had gathered all of their items, we gave them 5 more minutes to collect any other nature items they would like to include for their nature collage. Then we had the boys lay their items out on the table and stick them down onto a piece of Contact paper. For those of you that don’t know what Contact paper is, it is used as a drawer protector and it comes in different designs as well as clear (make sure to buy the transparent one, as if that wasn’t already obvious!). I purchased mine from Home Depot, but I’ve since spotted them being sold at Dollarama!

Once all of the nature items were arranged the way the boys wanted them, we helped them press the second piece of clear Contact paper (sticky side down) on top of their collage to seal in their masterpiece.

The boys were really proud of themselves and their beautiful collages! We displayed M’s in the window of our trailer 🙂

And that’s just one of the activities we did to keep our bugs busy while camping!