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For M’s 5th birthday we had a superhero-in-training party. It was loads of fun to plan, and the DIY superhero capes and masks were a BIG hit among our guests.

DIY Superhero Capes!

These DIY Superhero capes were easy to make, and the best part for me was there was absolutely NO SEWING involved!


  • Large Sheets of Felt– I bought our felt from Michael’s, using a 50% off coupon. I was able to make 3 capes from each large sheet. I used black felt for our little superhero guests, and M picked out a bright gold/yellow felt for his special birthday cape.
  • Regular Felt Sheets in Various Colours– You could also use sticky-back felt, but the regular felt was on sale and much cheaper!
  • Sparkly Stiff Felt– I used this for the beginning initial of each of our little superheroes.
  • Peel n’ Stick Fabric Fuse— I used this to adhere the superhero emblems, letters, and velcro.
  • Sticky-back Velcro— I fastened the sticky-back velcro to the collars of the capes
  • Cape Template, courtesy of Serving Pink Lemonade
  • Tracers for Initial Letter of Each of Our Guests’ Names–I downloaded a comic-inspired font called MERO ORNAD from I printed off a letter for each of our guests at 200 font size. Then I cut them out and used them as tracers.
  • Scissors
  • White Pencil Crayon or White Crayon
  • Variety of Different Shapes for Tracing Emblems (I drew diamonds, circles, triangles, flower/cloud shapes, lightning bolts, stars, and the Superman shape emblem onto cardstock and then cut them out to use as my tracers).

How to Make No-Sew Superhero Capes

I started by folding the large felt sheet in half and placing the cape template along the fold.

DIY Superhero Capes

Next, I took my white pencil crayon and traced around the template to the bottom of the felt. I made sure to create a bit of a flare at the bottom as well.

DIY Superhero Capes 4

Then, I cut along the white line, through both pieces of fabric,

DIY Superhero Capes 1

and unfolded the felt to reveal a perfectly shaped superhero cape!

DIY Superhero Capes 3

Once I had cut out all of the capes, I fastened some sticky-back velcro onto the collars of each one. I also used Peel n’ Stick Fabric Fuse to adhere the velcro, for a stronger hold.

DIY Superhero Capes 7

I cut out a variety of shapes from the regular felt sheets (I limited my colours to red, yellow, and blue) and I cut out the initial letters of our guests from the black, sparkly, stiff felt.

I took M to Michael’s with me so he could customize his cape with the colours of his choice.

DIY Superhero Capes 6 DIY Superhero Capes 5

The guests had a great time decorating their black capes using the pre-cut emblems and letters.

DIY Superhero Masks!

Another relatively simple addition to M’s superhero-in-training party was decorating superhero masks.


DIY Superhero Masks

How to Make No-Sew Superhero Masks

Using the superhero mask templates, I traced them onto stiff black felt and cut them out. I was able to fit 3 masks onto each sheet of felt.

DIY Superhero Masks 1

Then, using M’s head as a guide, I measured and cut out the elastic. I fastened the elastic to each edge of the mask using Peel N’ Stick Fabric Fuse.

DIY Superhero Masks 2 DIY Superhero Masks 3

I actually ended up sandwiching the elastic ends between two strips of the Peel N’ Stick Fabric Fuse for a stronger bond.

DIY Superhero Masks 4

Next, I cut out a small piece from the leftover stiff felt, and adhered it over top of the sticky fabric fuse.

DIY Superhero Masks 5

I had M decorate and model one of the masks so you could get a sense of how they will look!

DIY Superhero Masks 6 DIY Superhero Masks 7

The DIY capes and masks made a fantastic take-home gift for our little superheroes! M and B love zooming around the house (and in public) wearing their superhero disguises! They have so much creative energy!!

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