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The boys made these lovely Kandinsky inspired concentric circle paintings back in April. After reading Marcus Pfister’s Henri, the Egg Artiste, I wanted to teach my bugs about some of the famous artists presented in the picture book. We took a closer look at some of Kandinsky, Haring, and Matisse’s work on the internet. During our exploration, we came across this fun, Kandinsky Inspired, preschool art tutorial. It seemed simple enough for both of my bugs to execute with little help, and the end result is stunning! We altered our paintings slightly by using watercolours for the background, rather than tempera paint.


  • white paper
  • tempera paint in different colours
  • different sized lids, ranging from large to small (I gave each of my bugs three different sized lids to use)
  • a cork, to produce an even smaller circle
  • Q-tips, for the centre circle
  • watercolour paints and brushes
  • glue stick
  • black paper to mount the finished artwork on

Kandinsky Inspired Circle Art

I gave each of my bugs a piece of white paper sectioned into 6 parts with bold, black lines. Then I squirted a different colour of tempera paint onto each paper plate.

My bugs started creating their artwork by dipping the largest lid in a chosen colour of paint and printing it into one, or each, of the squares. Sometimes they used the same colour, and sometimes they chose a new one. When they finished stamping the largest lid into each of the sections, they selected the medium sized lid, and so on. Both of my boys also experimented with printing with a cork and creating small circles with a Q-tip.

Kandinsky Concentric Circles  Kandinsky Concentric Circles 1

Kandinsky Concentric Circles 3  Kandinsky Concentric Circles 5

Kandinsky Concentric Circles 8  Kandinsky Concentric Circles 4

*TIP: Try to limit the amount of paint being stamped on so it dries quicker between layers. My bugs loaded their lids up with paint and the result was a mixture of paint swirls. They still looked lovely, but if you are wanting clear concentric circles  you may want to stamp the excess paint off onto a paper towel before stamping onto the paper.

Once the circles were dry my bugs filled in each square with watercolour paints, making sure to paint around the circles, rather than inside or overtop of them.

Kandinsky Concentric Circles 14  Kandinsky Concentric Circles 11

I mounted their lovely artwork onto black paper. I may actually frame them, I love them so much!

Kandinsky Concentric Circles 16  Kandinsky Concentric Circles 15

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