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GO CANADA GO!!! What a day at the 2014 Olympics! Canada won GOLD in CURLING and WOMEN’S HOCKEY! Yippppeeeee!

*A*M*A*Z*I*N*G* performances by both Canadian teams!

To show off their Canadian pride, my bugs made these Canadian flag mosaics.


  • red construction paper
  • white paper (I used 12X12 white cardstock)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • maple leaf template 

Canada Flag Mosaics

Through this project my  bugs were not only able to express their Canadian pride and cheer on our Olympic athletes, but it was also a fun way for them to practise their fine motor skills and learn about their national flag! The boys started making their Canada flag mosaics by cutting out shapes from pre-cut strips of red paper. I let B snip away however he liked, but I wanted M to practise his cutting skills by cutting along the lines I previously drew.

Canada Flag Mosaic  Canada Flag Mosaic 5

Canada Flag Mosaic 6  Canada Flag Mosaic 4

When they were done cutting, the boys glued the pieces onto the maple leaf template.

Canada Flag Mosaic 9  Canada Flag Mosaic 2

Canada Flag Mosaic 10  Canada Flag Mosaic 3

Next, I cut out the shape of the maple leaf and my bugs glued it to the centre of the white 12×12 cardstock. I folded the sides of the 12×12 white cardstock, so the boys could use the crease as a guide for gluing on more red shapes to create the side panels of the flag. You could draw a line with red marker along the crease, or you can leave it blank.

Canada Flag Mosaic 11  Canada Flag Mosaic 7

I think the flags look especially grand hanging next to my bugs’ Olympic ring paintings!

Canada Flag Mosaic 8    Canada Flag Mosaic 14




Canada Flag Mosaic 12

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