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You’ve just collapsed your weary body onto the couch, snuggled yourself  up in a warm blanket, and are casually reaching for the remote, your wine, or perhaps a good book, when you suddenly remember….YOU. FORGOT. TO. MOVE. THE. ELF. This has been happening more often to me lately, especially this past week. Sometimes I come up with something fun or mischievous for the kids to catch Bob (our elf) doing, while other times I’m lucky to have moved him to a new location without getting caught!

We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition last year, and I’m really glad we did. The boys love searching for him in the morning and it adds just a bit more magic and whimsy to their childhood; isn’t that what being a kid is all about?! It makes me smile to hear my boys whisper to one another when they get up, “come on! Let’s go find Bob!” When they finally do find him, that’s our cue to roll out of bed and feign surprise at Bob’s silly antics.

Elf on the Shelf 1

The first day Bob returned, he made the boys breakfast: snowman doughnuts and fruit. He also left the boys a note reminding them to be good listeners and to be kind to others.

Elf on the Shelf 2

Sleeping in the Kleenex box

Elf on the Shelf 3

Fishing in the tub

Elf on the Shelf 4

Decorating the kitchen with bows

Elf on the Shelf 12

Locked out

Elf on the Shelf 7

Home sick

Elf on the Shelf 5

T.P rolling

Elf on the Shelf 6

Train ride

Elf on the Shelf 8

Cookie diving

Elf on the Shelf 9

Trapped in a glass (this one took the boys forever to find!!)

Elf on the Shelf 16

Watching Sesame Street with his morning coffee

Elf on the Shelf 14

Frolicking in the Poinsettia (the boys were on their way downstairs when I stuffed him in there!)

Elf on the Shelf 15

Googly eyes!

Elf on the Shelf 11

Reading a Christmas story to friends

Elf on the Shelf 10

In the china cabinet

Elf on the Shelf 19

Rudolph! (I left the googly eyes on from before:))

Elf on the Shelf 20

Close up of Bob with his Rudolph nose

Elf on the Shelf 13

Last minute idea…

Elf on the Shelf 17

Cooking in the play kitchen (another last minute idea…)

Elf on the Shelf 21

Sack race

I just thought I’d post some of things we’ve done with our elf so far, in hopes of helping another exhausted mommy (or daddy) out!

You can also click on the link to see some of the things Bob has done in the past.

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