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I was inspired to make these Christmas silhouette pictures with my bugs when I came across some festive Washi Tape on a recent trip to Michael’s. The boys made snowman silhouettes, while I made silhouettes of an owl, a deer, a pine tree, and a gingerbread man as part of the holiday decor for the main floor bathroom.

Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes


I printed off a couple of snowmen silhouettes I found here, onto white cardstock. Then I cut out the snowmen and gave the boys 2 different patterns of Washi Tape to stick onto their silhouettes.

Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 1  Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 3

Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 6  Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 8

When they were finished, I snipped off any excess Washi Tape from the edges, and the boys mounted their snowman silhouettes onto a piece of cardstock (M’s is on the left and B’s is on the right).

Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 12  Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 11

So simple, yet I love the effect and contrast of colours! These would look lovely in a frame :).

Holiday Decor

The boys’ Washi Tape Snowmen turned out so nice, I decided to make some holiday inspired Washi Tape art for the bathroom as well.


  • Festive Washi Tape
  • Acrylic paint (I used tan)
  • Foam Brush
  • 4 small canvases from the dollar store
  • Thin cardboard (I used cereal boxes)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Silhouette templates found here and here

I printed off a copy of a deer, an owl, a gingerbread man and a Christmas tree, and used them as templates to trace onto my cardboard pieces. Next, I cut out the shapes from the cardboard (I cut the gingerbread man and the Christmas tree to a slightly smaller scale so they would be roughly the same size as the deer and owl) and began sticking on the Washi Tape, alternating between the two patterns. I made sure to fold the tape over the edges of the cardboard cutouts so no cardboard would show through on the sides. Then I painted the small canvases with acrylic paint. Once the canvases were dry, I sprayed the back of each silhouette with spray adhesive and stuck them on (I flipped the canvases over and pressed down on each one just to make sure there was a strong bond between the silhouette and the canvas).

Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 15  Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 14

Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 17  Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 16

 The end result is a festive art arrangement :).

Washi Tape Christmas Silhouettes 18

Washi tape is so easy to use, and it comes in a variety of gorgeous colours and patterns, which makes it perfect for creating a multitude of unique projects!

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