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Last saturday my family and I organized a Halloween party for our kids and their cousins. Everyone pitched in by bringing festive food and activities for the children (and adults) to enjoy. Here’s a peek at some of the highlights:

Halloween Food

Halloween Food 1

Candy Dipped Marshmallows

Halloween Food 2

Ghost Bananas

Halloween Food 3

Jack-O-Lantern Oranges

Halloween Food 5

Festive Individual Pizzas! We bought the pizza shells from Lina’s Italian Market (which are always amazing!) and everyone brought their favourite toppings to share.

Halloween Food 4

A little something for the adults: tropical juice blend + black vodka

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes 1  Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes 3  Halloween Cupcakes 4

Halloween Cupcakes 2

Halloween Activities

Bubbling Potions

We made the classic vinegar and baking soda experiment into a colour mixing lesson as well. I had the kids mix baking soda, water, and one colour of food colouring in one jar, and vinegar and a different colour of food colouring in another jar. Then I had the kids predict what was going to happen when they combined the two mixtures together, and what colour the new mixture would be. When the base (baking soda) and acid (vinegar) solutions are combined, they create a chemical reaction (a frothy, bubbling potion). The kids loved this experiment and wanted to keep creating new, colourful concoctions!

Halloween Experiment  Halloween Experiment 1

Halloween Experiment 2  Halloween Experiment 3

Halloween Experiment 4  Halloween Experiment 5

Decorating Pumpkins

Halloween Crafts

My sister-in -law, April, brought these adorable pumpkins from Sobey’s, along with a plethora of decorating supplies!

Foam Crafts

My sister, Nadine, brought these fun foam Halloween ornaments for the kids to make:

Halloween Crafts 2 Halloween Crafts 3

Witch Hats

I bought these paper mache witch hats from Michael’s for the kids to decorate with paint, stickers, feathers and pom-poms. If you are feeling extra crafty, you could also make your own witch hats, or turn it into a math lesson by having older kids create their witch hats by measuring the circumference and diameter of the cone and brim.

witch hats 3  witch hats 8

Felt Board Monsters

Little B and his cousin H, had a great time assembling silly monsters on the felt board.

Halloween Crafts 1


Our decorations were not elaborate or super exciting, but they did help set the mood for a festive, kid-friendly, Halloween party!

Spider Webs

Halloween 5  Halloween 2


Suction Cup Spiders

Halloween 4  Halloween 3

Ghost Balloons

Halloween 7  Halloween 8

Lots and Lots of Pumpkins…

Glitter pumpkins

IMG_3408  IMG_3407


Bling Pumpkins

IMG_3415  IMG_3414

Silly Pumpkins (the kids painted them using paint dabbers for less mess)


Halloween 1  IMG_4104

Treat Bags

My sister-in-law, April, made up these awesome treat bags for the kids!

Halloween Treat Bag  Halloween Treat Bag 2

It was a fun, not to mention GORGEOUS, day! Yesterday we were outside in t-shirts, and this morning we woke up to a heavy, white blanket of snow :(. When M peered out the window he exclaimed excitedly, “look mommy! It’s Christmas!” Haha! At least someone in our house was happy to see the snow…

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween 10