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I’ve been seeing these cute ghost footprint paintings all over Pinterest and decided to use this idea to make some fun Halloween shirts with my bugs.


  • Black shirt(s)
  • Black, white and silver Fabric Paint (you could also use glow-in-the-dark fabric paint for added spookiness)
  • Paper plate
  • Foam brush
  • Old towel or large piece of cardboard (for stepping on)
  • Small piece of cardboard (small enough to slip inside the shirt)

Making Ghost Footprint Shirts

The first thing we did was slip a small piece of cardboard inside the shirt, so the paint would not bleed through onto the back. Next, I put down an old towel and laid the black shirt on top of it. I squirted some white fabric paint onto a paper plate and used the foam brush to paint the bottom of my bugs’ feet.

Ghost Footprint Shirts 1  Ghost Footprint Shirts 7

Ghost Footprint Shirts 8  Ghost Footprint Shirts 2

After each footprint we made, I made sure to wipe my boys’ feet completely clean before repeating the process on the other one. There were quite a few giggles… My bugs have very ticklish feet!

Ghost Footprint Shirts 11  Ghost Footprint Shirts 6

I made sure they pressed each painted foot firmly onto the shirts, in order to get good prints.

Ghost Footprint Shirts 10  Ghost Footprint Shirts 3

Once the prints were made, I filled in the footprints with a bit more white fabric paint, then outlined them with the silver fabric paint. I wrote “Boo!” onto each of the shirts with the silver fabric paint and then made ghost faces on each footprint with the black fabric paint.

Ghost Footprint Shirts 13  Ghost Footprint Shirts 12

Ghost Footprint Shirts 15  Ghost Footprint Shirts 16

How cute are they? And the shirts are pretty awesome too ;).

Ghost Footprint Shirts 14

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