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I adapted the Apple Literacy Game we played a few days ago, so M could practice his addition and subtraction skills as well. We used the same tree I painted on our sliding glass door, using tempera paint, and the same apple templates printed off onto red cardstock. Instead of writing a sight word, or a letter onto the apples, I left them blank so M could use them as counters.

Playing the Apple Math Game


I started by writing an addition problem, beside the painted apple tree, using washable window markers  I had purchased from Michael’s. I left the answer blank and highlighted the addition sign, explaining to M that it meant to add more on. For example, for the equation 6+4= ? I told M there are 6 apples on the tree, how many more apples do we need to add? He responded with 4, and added 4 more to the tree. Then I asked him how many apples are there in all? So M counted the apples and derived at the answer 10.

Apple Math Game 4  Apple Math Game 1

Apple Math Game 3  Apple Math Game 7

Apple Math Game 9


After performing a few more addition problems, we moved onto subtraction. This time I highlighted the subtraction sign and explained to M that it meant to get rid of, or to take away. For example, for the equation 5-4=?  I asked M how many apples are on the tree to start with? He replied with 5, and attached 5 apples to the tree. Next I told him that he needed to pick/ take away four of the apples. When he was finished picking the apples, I asked him how many apples are left? After counting the remaining apples left on the tree, M responded with the answer 1, and wrote the number 1 after the equals sign.

Apple Math Game 12  Apple Math Game 20

Apple Math Game 17  Apple Math Game 15

I’m pretty sure M’s favourite part about this game was being able to write on the window!

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