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My husband spent last week at the farm helping his dad with Harvest, and my bugs and I were really excited to join him for a couple of days. My boys always enjoy their visits to Grandpa’s house, but Harvest time is EXTRA special because they get to ride in the combine or drive truck with daddy. Luckily, the weather was lovely and we were able to stay in our trailer in a beautiful, tranquil spot by the creek. It was so nice to watch my hubby get in touch with his roots again, and to listen to him reminisce about his childhood memories. We both have a strong connection to the farm and it’s often bitter-sweet to think of all that has transpired in the past few years. It is wonderful to watch our children play and explore, and to witness their own childhood memories take root in a place we are both so fond of.  My bugs don’t get to see their cousins B and B very often, so they were really excited to spend a greater amount of time with them during our stay!

Collecting Acorns

There are quite a few fallen acorns littering the ground from the bur oak trees growing in the yard. My father-in-law planted them years ago, and my husband remembers how small they used to be when he was a little boy. My husband had the idea of getting the kids to collect the acorns so we could plant them in other areas. He also dug up a few acorn sprouts and transplanted them into some empty pop cans so each child could have one as his/her own. He cut the tops off of each pop can, folded the sharp edges over inside of the can with a pair of pliers (so the kids wouldn’t cut themselves), and filled each can with dirt. He then placed the acorn sprouts near the top of the dirt and watered them.

Acorn Craft 1  Acorn Craft 2

Decorating Pop Can Planters

When we got back to our camp area, I gathered some craft supplies from our trailer so the kids could decorate the outside of their pop cans. First, I measured and cut out a piece of cardstock to wrap around their pop cans. I glued the starting edge of the cardstock to the can, then wrapped it all the way around, securing it with more glue at the end. Then I put out some craft materials (colourful pom-poms, feathers, foam stickers, and paint dabbers) and let the kids’ creativity take over from there!

Acorn Craft 4  Acorn Craft 7

Acorn Craft 10  Acorn Craft 12

Acorn Craft 13  Acorn Craft 16

The kids really enjoyed this fall acorn activity, and they were especially proud of how their pop can planters turned out!

Acorn Craft 20

When we got home, I showed M and B this interesting time lapse video of an acorn sprouting:

M was quite fascinated with how the sprout pushed its way up through the soil!

Who knows? Maybe years from now the bugs’ little acorn sprouts will grow into strong, healthy oak trees, and while their kids/ grandkids collect the acorns from the ground they can share this special childhood memory with them :).

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