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We just got back from another weeklong camping trip and, as a result, the food in our house is pretty sparse. I wanted to make lunch appear a little more exciting than it actually was, so I had to be a bit inventive with what we had on hand; that’s when I remembered the recipe for painted toast I had seen previously from The Foodies’ Kitchen.

Painted Toast



  • white bread
  • milk
  • food colouring


We started by combining a few drops of food colouring with about 1/4 cup of milk (we made 4 different colours of milk paint).

painted toast

Then I gave my boys each two pieces of white bread and a clean paintbrush, and let their inner artists take it from there!

painted toast  painted toast 2

painted toast 24  painted toast 3

They both had a lot of fun painting their bread for lunch.

painted toast 4  painted toast 9

The next step was to toast the bread, but apparently little B couldn’t wait to try his! Haha! BUSTED!

painted toast 6  painted toast 7

I managed to convince him that it would taste even better once it was toasted with a bit of butter. When the toast popped up, the colours appeared even more vibrant than before.

painted toast 14  painted toast 12

All it took was a bit of colour, and some budding artists, to turn an otherwise boring lunch into something unique and fabulous!

painted toast 19  painted toast 20

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