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When my sister first told me she had invited around twenty kids to A’s 6th B-day party, I thought for sure she had lost her mind! Twenty kids? Not to mention it was a drop-off-stay-if-you-like party! How was she possibly going to entertain twenty kids for two hours? Then I remembered she’s a teacher; She has to keep more kids than that engaged in curriculum-based instruction, cooped up in a classroom most of the day, for approximately thirty hours a week… she was going to be fine.

Food and Decorations

Most of the party was held in the backyard, with the exception of the food and gift opening. There was a variety of yummy food you would expect at a great BBQ style birthday party: chips, crunchy veggies, loads of refreshing fruit, potato salad, hotdogs, and lots of cold beverages buried in a cooler of ice on the deck.

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

And we definitely can’t forget about those super cute Angry Birds cupcakes!



Angry Birds Party Games

We arrived early to see if we could help set up and prepare for the party, but most of it was already done. When I stepped into the backyard I was seriously impressed! There was no way any of A’s guests were going to be disappointed or bored at this party!

Bird Launch!

The kids (and adults) loved this real-life simulation of the famous App.

Water-balloon sling-shot + empty cardboard boxes+ bouncy balls with Angry Birds pigs and bird stickers = lots of fun!

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Bird Toss

To play ‘Bird Toss’ the kids had to toss the bean bags onto the plates to earn points. The further the plate, the higher the points.

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Bird Bounce

IMG_7787  IMG_7827

Bird Shoot

For this game, the kids were armed with a Koosh gun and Koosh balls with Angry Birds stickers. They had to shoot the bird balls through the target holes to earn points. 

Angry Birds Party Angry Birds Party

 Angry Birds Party


My sister used sand pails with Angry Birds pig stickers on them, and bouncy balls with the birds stickers.

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Angry Birds Party

Pin the Feathers on the Angry Bird

Angry Birds Party  Angry Birds Party

Pig Piñata

Our talented sister-in-law made this cool piñata for A’s Angry Birds party (my brother ‘says’ he helped too 😉 ). It was a real HIT with the kids! Anything that rains candy is bound to be a SMASHING success! (Alright, I’ll stop with the corny puns now…)

Angry Birds party  Angry Birds party

Angry Birds party

A’s party was a lot of fun and my sis couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous day for us to play in the sun! Happy 6th birthday A! xxox


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