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Cousin O’s Bugtastic Birthday Party!

Cousin O’s Bugtastic Birthday Party!

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Birthday Theme Parties, Bugs | 0 comments

My sweet little nephew, O, turned 4 this month! O and my son M are only 7 months apart, so they are each other’s best friends and, at times, also a thorn in one another’s side! But one thing is for sure, M is ALWAYS ecstatic to see his cousin O; and when you combine the joy of playing with one of your favourite people, with the thrill of a birthday party (plus the added allure of birthday cupcakes), you get one charged up three year old! The only downside to this is I regrettably told M we were going to O’s party the night before, which means he was too riled up in anticipation of all the fun he was going to have the next day to actually do any sleeping :(. Needless to say, he didn’t last long before completely falling apart! Oh well, O’s BUGTASTIC birthday party was still a HUGE hit, full of creative food and activities that kept the guests (big and small) BUZZING with excitement!

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