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I was going through my pictures when I noticed it had been a while since I last posted. M did a letter activity with the letter H for heart month, February, which I had completely forgot about! I guess it’s better late than never :).

Like most of our letter activities, this was pretty simple. First I had M tell me as many words as he could think of that start with the letter H. Then M coloured some wooden hearts using markers and paint dabbers, while I cut out a letter H in one colour of cardstock, and glued it onto another colour of cardstock.

 H is for Heart  H is for Heart

When he finished colouring the hearts, M glued them onto the cutout H.

H is for Heart  H is for Heart

Another letter completed to add to M’s tactile alphabet collection :).

H is for Heart

To help M with the formation of the capital and lower case letter H, I printed them on a piece of paper and had  M create the letters out of play-doh.

letter H  letter H

letter H  letter H

And that’s how I kept my oldest bug busy learning about the letter H.