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M has been itching for days to get his hands on some eggs just so he can smash them open. I’ve caught him a few times sneaking into the fridge, grabbing an egg out of the carton, and then shooting me a devilish grin. Luckily I’ve managed to apprehend the egg before he’s had a chance to smash it on the floor! He loves helping me crack eggs for recipes, and when cooking breakfast, but I still can’t convince him to eat one . To help satiate his irresistible urge, I’ve been intentionally cracking open just the tops of the eggs when I need them, rinsing them out, and leaving the bottoms in the carton to use  for egg smash painting.


  • bottoms of eggshells, rinsed and dried
  • paint
  • paper
  • newspaper to cover the table area

All I did was fill each eggshell with paint. I put a couple of colours in some of the egg shells, just for a bit of added surprise 🙂

eggshell painting

Then I gave M a piece of paper and told him to get smashing! He was thrilled to watch the colours explode across the paper!

eggshell painting   eggshell painting

eggshell painting   eggshell painting

Here’s how his painting turned out:

eggshell painting   eggshell painting

I peeled the eggshells off of the paper so we could hang up his painting once it was dry.

eggshell painting

As I expected, the egg smash painting was a huge hit! The only downside was it was over too soon. I’m already saving our eggshells so we can do it again!