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The boys have played this letter hunt/ word building game multiple times during the past week. There’s just something about search-and-find games that kids love, and my boys are no exception! I chose to make this into a literacy game to help with M’s spelling and word recognition. B really liked this game too, and was a big ‘help’ in locating all of the little hearts.

This game was super easy to make; the only materials I needed were: red and pink cardstock paper, a Sharpie, some scissors, and tape.

Valentine's Day

I cut out 1 large heart in pink and 1 small heart in red to use as my templates. Then, using my template, I made 5 more large hearts. I chose 6 short Valentine related words and cut out the corresponding number of little hearts from the red paper (I chose the words: red, kiss, kind, love, pink, and hug, which is a total of 22 little red hearts).  I traced the little hearts onto the big heart shapes, according to the amount of letters in each word, and printed the words onto each one with my Sharpie. I also printed the letters, that made up each of the words, onto the small, red hearts and put tape onto the backs of them.  Then I stuck  the small, red, letter hearts all over the main floor of our house for the boys to find.

Valentine's Day

We played the game by focusing on one word card at a time. First, I would get M to sound out the words the best he could. Once he knew the word he needed to spell, he was able to start searching for the appropriate letters and build the word on his card. When he finished a card, we would do the same thing with a new one. Every so often I would test M’s memory, and word recognition, by having him review the word cards he had previously completed.

Valentine's Day

B loved finding the little hearts too, so I gave him his own word-building card :). He kept randomly picking off letters, but I’d just put the ones M needed back to where they were and redirect B to the letters he needed.

Valentine's Day

The boys had SO much fun racing around the house to find the letters.

Valentine's Day  Valentine's Day  Valentine's Day  Valentine's Day  IMG_5349  Valentine's Day

After playing the game multiple times, M was able to recognize most of the words on the heart cards.

Repetition + Fun = Learning 🙂