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This week M and I have been working with the letter B and performing activities using buttons. He made a collage out of pictures with the initial /b/ sound, sorted buttons by size and shape, made a tactile letter B for his word-wall out of buttons, and played with a button snake to foster his fine-motor development.

Letter B Collage

M is getting really good with his letter sounds. He breezed through our first activity, which was making a collage out of pictures from store flyers of things that start with the letter B.

Letter BLetter BLetter B

Button Sorting

The next day I got out our collection of buttons and had M sort them, by colour and size, using a muffin tin.

Letter B

sorting buttons by colour

Letter B

Sorting buttons by size (smallest-largest). This was a bit more challenging for M.


Tactile Letter B

As M was busy sorting buttons, I cut out a letter B from cardstock so he could glue his buttons onto it. M’s button B will be joining the other tactile letters he has made for his word wall in his room.

Letter BLetter BLetter B



The following morning I set out a button-snake and observed as M tried to get the felt shapes onto the ribbon. To make our button-snake I sewed a button onto either end of a ribbon I already had, and then cut out different shapes from pieces of felt. I made a slit in the middle of each shape  so the buttons could slip through them easily. M actually struggled quite a bit with this activity and was becoming pretty frustrated. This will be a fine-motor activity we will have to keep revisiting until his finger dexterity, and overall patience, improves.

Letter BLetter B

Letter B


And that’s how I kept my oldest bug busy with buttons and the letter B!