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 Today M and I were talking about why we celebrate Thanksgiving. I had him think about all the things we have that we should be thankful for, such as: our family, a warm house, toys, clothes, preschool, food, clean water, etc. I told him that not all families are as lucky as ours and that they may not have the money to buy food from the store like we can. I realize 3 may seem like a REALLY early age to be talking about issues such as hunger and poverty (I mean, let’s face it, little children by nature are egocentric beings) but I figure it’s never too early to at least plant the seed of compassion and citizenship.

I went to the Calgary Food Bank Website, and I read to M some of the food items they need in order to help feed the people that are hungry in our city. Then we watched a video of a tour of the Calgary Food Bank to help M understand where the food donations go, and how volunteers from our community sort all of the food to give it to those who need it.

After watching the video, we paid a visit to the grocery store where M picked out some of the items from the Food Bank list.


Then he placed the items we purchased into the food donation bin.


He probably won’t remember doing this a week from now, or even tomorrow for that matter, but my hope is that if we keep finding ways to give back to our community, it will eventually become second nature for him to help others when they need it.