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Summer is all about playing outside in the backyard, searching for bugs, lounging in the kiddie pool, water fights, Popsicles, BBQs and frozen dinos! M is really into dinosaurs lately, so I thought he would enjoy a little problem-solving activity involving dinosaurs and ice. All I did was fill a flat basin with a bit of water, added in some plastic dinos and few drops of blue food colouring, and placed it in the deep freeze overnight. The next morning I put a wooden hammer and chisel, a water-gun and watering can, and the frozen block of dinos into M’s DIY Sensory/Water Table, and told him to try to get them out. Then I sat under the umbrella and started to read my book 🙂 🙂

At first he wasn’t quite sure what to do, and I could tell he was getting a bit frustrated (he really wanted to play with his dinosaurs!), so I gave him a few pointers to help get him started:

The first thing I encouraged M to do was to fill up his watering can with water from his pool and try to melt the ice with the water

After seeing the success from the watering can, M got his water-gun and filled that up with water too

Then I showed him how to use the hammer and chisel together

Before long he was excavating dinos like a pro!

And that’s how I kept my oldest bug busy so I could finally finish the last couple chapters of my book… er… I mean, so he could engage in a meaningful and thought-provoking problem-solving activity 😉