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Guess the Farm Animal

I wanted to teach M the importance of farms and how the animals that are raised provide us with food and other products in our daily life. I found some pictures on the Internet and glued a barn onto a piece of card stock, making sure to cut the doors so they swing open. Then I turned the ‘product’ cards over and, for each card M selected, he had to guess which animal it came from. Click on the link animalsproduce for a copy of the pictures I used for this activity.

While he was guessing, I slipped the correct animal behind the barn door for him to discover.

After going through the cards a couple of times, M started matching them up on his own. It was a fun, simple, and visual way to help M realize where his food and other products come from. See? Learning is fun!


Farm Picture

The day before, M helped me make homemade watercolour paints, so we decided to test them out on our farm picture. First M painted the background. Then, once the paint was dry, I helped M stick on the foam fence to create the pens/ corrals, and from there he added the barn and the animals (I found the farm themed foam pieces at the dollar store). This was also a good opportunity to introduce and discuss some new vocabulary words such as: grazing, pasture, corral, pig-pen and herd.

And that’s how I kept my oldest bug busy these past few days 🙂