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Today M and I focused on the sound-to-letter correlation of the letter E. He knows E is a happy letter because when you say it’s short sound, your lips form into a smile. I printed off some pictures of things that start with the letter E, and then cut out the letter E from some card stock.
M started by verbally labeling each picture. The second time he labeled them, I had him exaggerate the initial sound, and then say what letter each object starts with (eg. ‘elk, /e/- elk starts with E’). He grasped onto this quite quickly.

Next, M traced the capital and lower case ‘e’ onto a ziplock bag filled with paint.

Then he used the pretty eggshells, from the naturally dyed eggs we decorated at Easter, and glued them onto the cutout of the letter E (I’m planning on creating tactile letters for each letter of the alphabet to display on M’s bedroom wall).

Make sure to wash the eggshells really well with soap and water before allowing your child to touch them!

As he pressed the eggshells onto the letter E, M and I used descriptive words such as : crunchy, brittle, and sticky to describe the texture of the eggshells and the glue.This is how M’s eggshell E turned out:

And that’s how I kept my oldest bug busy today 🙂