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Angry Birds Pillows

Angry Birds Pillows

Posted by on May 1, 2015 in Fun with Felt, Gift Ideas, Spring Crafts and Activities | 0 comments

Life has been pretty busy since the arrival of our third baby (Miss A), which is one of the reasons why I’ve really dropped the ball in regard to updating my blog. I’m looking forward to summer when our lives won’t revolve around pick-ups, drop-offs, piano lessons, soccer, and homework. As busy as we may feel, my bugs and I have embraced the arrival of spring and all of the beauty that comes with it: trees and flowers budding and beginning to bloom; plump robins hopping around the yard; sweater weather; bike riding; puddle jumping; and the fresh, earthy scent after a thunder shower.

A few weeks ago I was watching some finches flitting from branch to branch, when I suddenly had the desire to create something with my bugs. When I mentioned the idea of making bird pillows to M, he had an even better plan: Angry Birds pillows!

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